Travel Diary: SSEAYP in Indonesia

We are down to our last port-of-call – Indonesia. The country program started with a gathering at a big hotel in Jakarta. We had our homestay matching the next day.

My homestay family has four members and they are muslims; my homestay buddy was Beuu from Thailand. We were taken to a Nasi Padang restaurant where we used our hands to eat. It was not so new to me since Filipinos are used to eating with our bare hands.

Our homestay family also took us sightseeing at Monas or Indonesia’s National Monument. There’s a really nice museum inside but we were not allowed to take photos. We also went to see the Jakarta Museum. Around it are a few other old buildings and many gimmicks like the human statues above.

Perhaps the highlight of the entire homestay program was the martabak – stuffed pancake or break! OH MY GOD! Hahaha! I can still remember being overwhelmed by the menu as there were so many variants to choose from; there are savoury ones and the specials with Nutella and even Toblerone. Martabak 65A Pecenongan is said to be one of, if not, the best martabak places in Jakarta.


The next day, we went to Ancol Dreamland. We hopped on a cable car and saw an aerial view of the complex and the ocean. We also went inside SeaWorld to catch a glimpse of Indonesia’s marine life. We ate at this huge seafood restaurant inside the complex. The setup is quite similar to other seafood restaurants in my country where we get to choose the fresh catches and how we want them cooked. I have to say that lunch was super delish!


After the scrumptious lunch, we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. It’s a really big complex that features all twenty six provinces of Indonesia. It’s a great place to go to if you want to experience the culture of the country but you only have very limited time.

We ordered donuts at JCO because it originated from Indonesia.

Our last day in Indonesia was dedicated for the open ship for host families. It was also our last ticker tape moment for the entire SSEAYP since it’s our last port-of-call before we head back to Japan.


Indonesia was really something else. I really want to go back! I’ve discovered many similarities in culture and language and I’ve also proven some stereotypes wrong. Of course, the trip wouldn’t have been as memorable if not for my homestay buddy and host family. Thank you Mama Rita and family! I will be forever grateful. I will definitely go back! Ciao for now!

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