The Author

I am a Philippine Youth Ambassador of Goodwill for life, a youth policy technical staff by day, public management (master’s) student when I have homework, English tutor by night, singer-musician in the shower, surfer-wannabe on weekends, techie and travel junkie on pay-days, photographer and videographer on random days, a neat freak all year round, and the brains of Camera and Cheese.

My first love is singing and I am a frustrated dancer. I sometimes write songs but I struggle with making melodies. I am passionate about community development and I want to pursue a career in the humanitarian industry someday. I am a short woman whom you might see as a high school student. I have a natural resting b-face but please, if you see me on the street, don’t be scared to say hi!

My name is Johanna and I am from Tacloban City. This 2017, my goal is to travel the Philippines to as many places as I can. My mother calls me a gypsy, I call myself a hobo and NPA (no permanent address). I am a free spirit.

Camera and Cheese is a personal “space” where you’ll find me writing just about anything that pops into my very random brain. This was originally intended to become a photo journal at one point in my life. Eventually, it became a travel diary where I share lengthy and boring posts about where I go. As a writer, I really want to produce content that people would be able to relate to. I hope I can inspire you, reader, in one way or another.

Camera and Cheese is the brainchild of a confused woman who literally does not know what to do with her life. If you want to turn back now, it’s not too late!